Friday, January 29, 2010

Is Louisiana continuing to pay Indicted and Convicted Reservoir Felons millions ?

Is Louisiana continuing to pay Indicted and Convicted Felons millions of dollars while facing budget shortfalls and a struggling economy ?

Michael L. Thompson a convicted felon and Reservoir Consultant Contractor was convicted of a Federal Crime on Jan 20, 2010 involving corruption at Poverty Point Reservoir.

Thompson is usually paid $100,000 dollars a year per Reservoir under previous contracts with D.O.T.D and political subdivisions of Washington, Allen, and many other Parish Reservoir Commissions.

The WPRC says, "Thompson's contract was terminated in 2008 at his request", but official documents from the Washington Parish Reservoir Commission is not currently available. Why would they want to keep this information a secret for over a year ?

There seems to be no official documentation available from Allen or any other Reservoir Commissions that Thompson is no longer being paid. State D.O.T.D responsible for paying Thompson seems to be uninterested in confirming or denying if Thompson continues to be paid.
It seems the Sunshine Law's light has dimmed, and Reservoir information is a dark secret.

Mike Thompson is the Brother of Sen. Francis C. Thompson Creator of Reservoirs in many Parishes and Legislation (ACT 523 in 2001) allowing sale of Land taken by Eminent Domain at Reservoirs. Legislator Developer Sen. Francis Thompson is selling Lakefront lots as CYPRESS COVE AT POVERTY POINT LLC.

Mike Thompson and Reservoir Engineer Terry Denmon of Denmon Engineering face more Federal Indictments of corruption involving Property and mail fraud at Poverty Point Reservoir. Denmon Engineering also continues to receive millions from Reservoirs in La.

Why did Sen. Nevers promote Thompson as man for the job in Washington Parish ?
Was Sen. Nevers and Commission misled by the Thompsons, or have other reasons for his selection ?
Does the relentless pursuit by the Washington Parish Reservoir Commission for a permit involve other reasons ?
Should the State continue to spend millions for Unwanted and Unneeded Reservoirs ?

Indicted - Convicted felons should not continue to be paid by Reservoir Commissions or the State.

Authority to debar or suspend - Causes include the following:
Conviction under state or federal statutes of embezzlement, theft, or any other offense indicating a lack of business integrity or business honesty which currently, seriously, and directly affects responsibility as a state contractor.

To stop paying Thompson would be a lengthy process requiring notification and a right to appeal.

However, Under R.S. 39:1554E Political subdivisions may choose to opt into all or part of the Law and continue to pay Thompson.

I contacted the State D.O.T.D Concerning Contracts and Distribution of funds to Reservoir Consultant Mike Thompson on January 22, 2010. I have not received a reply to deny or confirm that Thompson continues to be paid. After Thompson's Sentencing on May 24 will the state mail his checks to Federal Prison ?

In light of recent developments, and as a show of good faith Sen. Nevers and other Legislators creating Reservoirs should stop wasting State Money, dissolve the Reservoir Commissions and repeal Legislation creating the Reservoirs.

A complete Investigation and Audit of all Reservoirs and Commissions the Thompsons were involved with is needed.

I want to know, Is the State still paying "Indicted and Convicted Felons" millions of dollars to run a Reservoir scam ?

Letter to Editor of Era Leader

James Moore


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