Monday, July 24, 2006

Washington Parish Council Awards

Community Preservation Awards were presented Monday night to Councilmen Ken Wheat, Marv Thomas, Relton Sumrall, and Clinton Miley for their service in preserving the community. These men saw through the spin of SB 639 and voted to protect the residents from the potential of further abuse of the Eminent Domain Law.

Had Sen. Ben Nevers SB 639 land grab scheme passed through the legislature, Washington Parish would have been underneath the power of another appointed commission with dangerous expropriation powers.

Sen. Ben Nevers and Rep. Francis Thompson are already abusing Eminent Domain by creating Reservoirs in a statewide land grab scheme.

Mrs. Beth Mizell read the following statement after presentation of the awards Monday night July 24.

Ken Wheat, Marv Thomas, Relton Sumrall, and Clinton Miley.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is very rare that the spirit of our nation's fore fathers gets to shine through the smoke and mirrors of today's political systems. On the 22nd of May, it shown brightly through a single vote of these four men.

Through the smoke and mirrors they saw what could have been potential problems for the people of this parish, and they heard their cries.

The councilmen's vote of none support on May 22nd, sent a clear message to the people of Washington Parish, the state, and all of their political machines, that even in times when we need economic development, the rights and freedoms of the people of this parish will be protected. Also, that the spirit of our nation's fore fathers, though maybe dead in most places, lives on here in Washington Parish.

Please accept this small token of our appreciation for the work you have done to help protect our homes, communities, and parish. We hope that your light, and that of our nation's fore fathers, will lead others in the same direction. Please notice that the eagle has been chosen because itis the symbol of America's spirit, her freedom, her morals, and her people's rights. Let it soar above you and live in your hearts.

Whenever you are in doubt, let it lead you. Follow it and you will never go wrong. Please continue to listen to the people who put their trust in you, for they are the communities that you serve and protect.

Gentlemen, for your efforts and service to this parish,
we applaud you.

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