Thursday, August 24, 2006

Unchristian desecration of Cemeteries and taking of homes

While Allen Parish Legislators and Reservoir Commission members have shown Christianity and Concern for desecration of Cemeteries and taking of homes, Sen. Nevers and his appointed Reservoir Commission has shown none. There has been no attempt to locate an alternate site for their pleasure lake.

Sen. Ben Nevers and his Reservoir Commission remain steadfast in their unchristian effort to desecrate Cemeteries and take homes to build a Reservoir in Washington Parish.

Senate Bill 639, Nevers attempt to expand Eminent Domain abuse to take Homes and Property of Residents Parish-wide was opposed by members of the Parish Council.

The use of Eminent Domain, desecration of Cemeteries, and taking of family homes and family land in America for recreation, Reservoirs, and Golf courses is placing an undue hardship on some for the pleasure and gain of others. This is America, not a Communist country where the state owns everything.

Oak Grove Community residents intend to fight for their Cemeteries, homes, heritage, streams, wildlife, ecosystem and way of life. This is a violation of their civil rights, the right to happiness and their right to continue voting in the same area.

The residents don't want to sell their land at any price. This is their home, their heritage, where they have lived all their life. There is no just compensation, and money is not the answer. In reality, it's the problem.

Without our heritage, our family land, our homes, our way of life, we can never be happy again. The state doesn't have enough money to compensate us in this matter. Again, money is not the answer.

To those who say, ''This matter does not concern us,'' I say, ''Wake up, this concerns us all, and will affect us all.''

I pray for help in this matter, and for the ones who want to do this.

Please have a conscience as many people can justify the wrong that they do to others, and many can convince themselves that what they are doing is right.

Please choose another site. Look inside your heart, and stop coveting thy neighbor's house.

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